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June 14, 2019

Play SmartGames outside

Summer is coming. This means more time for playing outside. And what could be more fun than playing a fun game in the sun? In our opinion, the perfect combination!

Of course, not every game is suitable for outside play. But our well-thought-out design allows you to take all the SmartGames games outside and play them at any time and any place. You don’t even need an opponent. We collected five SmartGames that are perfect for outdoor play.

Magnetic Games

Thanks to the handy format of the magnetic games, these SmartGames are amazing for taking outside. Because of the varied challenges and the attractive design, your child will certainly not be bored. The magnetic puzzle pieces ensure that everything stays in place and that there will be no lost parts.

Busy Bugs

Do you also get the creeps of bugs? Use your brain to discover the hideouts of the busy bugs! Place all 4 pieces of the puzzle onto the board so that only the challenge images remain visible. Busy Bugs contains 48 challenges, for children from 7 years.

Penguins Parade

Are you, just like the penguins, looking to cool down on these balmy days of summer? Penguins Parade is a challenging thinking game for children from 5 years. This magnetic travel game provides hours of fun, with 48 challenges included.

Compact Games

The title reveals the big advantage of these kind of games. The compact SmartGames are great to take with you everywhere you go, and with its portable box your kid can easily and quickly store the game.

Temple Trap

Arrange the walls and the stairs to create a path through the Temple... but in this maze the walls constantly shift! One mistake and you end up as dinner for the crocodiles. Temple Trap is a puzzle game for young and old, from easy to extremely difficult. Complete the 60 challenges and escape from this cursed labyrinth.


Help the rabbits jump and hide! Use other rabbits, mushrooms and even the moving foxes to jump around and hide the rabbits in their holes. An original travel game that features 60 challenges and a portable carrying case. Children experience hours of fun with JumpIN’ from SmartGames.

Pirates Jr. - Hide & Seek

Sail the seas and find the treasure! Pirates Jr. – Hide & Seek challenges you to arrange the four playing pieces and help the pirates find what they need. Have you lost your way at sea? Sea adventurers young and old can explore the 60 challenges included in a travel-friendly case.

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