Play & Learn

At SmartGames we believe Learning through Play is one of the most important concepts in childhood development. Through play children can learn cognitive, social and language skills, and build the self-confidence needed to navigate challenges in life.

But how does SmartGames fit into this process? Why are our games such great solutions for parents and teachers seeking Play & Learn opportunities?

Glad you asked! Let’s take a look at how SmartGames address some of the key tenets of Learning through Play.

All SmartGames draw on various cognitive skills as players solve their challenges. To illustrate this point we actually illustrate the specific most important cognitive skills engaged in each game right on the box.


Build Spatial Insight and Planning skills while playing Three Little Piggies. Stimulate Visual Perception and Problem Solving skills while solving Color Code challenges.

For more information, check out our full list of Cognitive Skills.


SmartGames are single-player games…but that doesn’t mean only one can participate in solving challenges. In fact: collaboration is a key part of the SmartGames experience. Parents and teachers are encouraged to play with their children and students, soliciting feedback and encouraging discussion about the games. Older kids are encouraged to solve challenges together.


Many SmartGames encourage the development of early language skills. Titles such as Bunny Boo and Snow White, for example, encourage communication about “Inside,” “Outside,” “Above,” “Below,” and other concepts. Games like Trucky 3 offer wonderful opportunities to communicate about colors and shapes.


As game developers one of the most gratifying things we get to see is the satisfaction players get when solving SmartGames challenges. Not simply solving an individual challenge…but rather working through early challenges and building the skills needed to solve more difficult challenges later, challenges that were inconceivable when first opening the game.

Put another way: Young players learn that through practice and concentration they can develop the skills needed to solve complex problems.